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Global Press


Global Press

Project Info

Global Press exists to create a more just and informed world by training and employing local female journalists to produce ethical, accurate news coverage from the world’s least-covered places. They came to RAXO for the design of an annual report of their entire organization’s accomplishments and news from 2017. This annual report won the 2016/17 Vision Award from LACP for design and impact.

Project Focus

Marketing. Design.

Annual Report Design

Data Visualization

Title Slides

The first pages are the most impactful, and we knew it all along.

Designed Data

With important facts displayed in a fun and dynamic way, we are able to get the message across like never before.

RAXO’s design for Global Press won the 2016/2017 Vision Award from LACP for design and impact.

Turning the page

Keeping the flow is the key to keeping the interest.

Color coordination

Color is the air that design breathes. To ensure an impactful report, colors were kept in the forefront.

The balance

Ensuring that images and text do not get lost is an essential step in composing a dynamic annual report.