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Celebrating the
magic once more

After the success that was Disney Upfront 2022 for both Disney and Raxo, we had the joy of collaborating again with the company for its Disney Upfront 2023 event, a gala that showcases and celebrates the many brands, shows, movies, characters and IPs that live under the vast, magical Disney umbrella.

The goal of the Upfront is to celebrate Disney’s distinctive, innovative approach to dynamic storytelling backed by technology. For this purpose, they were missing the visual compass and identity for the event, which included branding and brand guidelines, logo and key visuals, such as backgrounds, transitions and video assets.

modernity to
a classic logo

We used Disney's iconic "D"
as the basis of our logo work for
Disney Advertising, guiding the
brand into its next visual chapter.

Disney Evolution Logo

The Logo

Crystal clear

We used a crystal-like texture for our
3D logo work, giving a futuristic yet
timeless vibe to it - fitting to celebrate
the company's 100th anniversary.

Creativity and innovation
continue to be Disney's


Our goal was to craft the brand's
visual storytelling for the event

Three images from disney's shows


Branding a timeless

We had to design the visual identity for the event as well as the brand guidelines to be used by the client to create even more stand-alone pieces, alongside several assets that would bring Disney Upfront 2023 to life.

Creatively, we wanted the
assets' look & feel premium,
elegant and classy yet
modern and interesting,
using a color palette of
predominantly gold tones,
mixed with blues and earthy tones.


We used typographic
elements to tie everything up,
and the handling of the
negative space played a big
role in our designs as well.

Image from disney upfront with the text connection


Keywords and taglines
complemented the imagery
in a seamless way.

A picture of Chris Hermsworth on the show limitless
A pictur of Tom Hiddleston as Loki
Disney Built On Creativity Poster


We wanted to celebrate Disney's 100th
anniversary the right way

Image of the different Disney channel logos



The purpose of the Upfront is to celebrate Disney’s
distinctive, innovative approach to dynamic storytelling
backed by technology. We had to make sure that all of
the networks and characters that are part of the brand,
were featured and highlighted properly.

Grey's Anatomy Cover Image
Image of main actor of the bear

Disney Evolution Image


Getting Disney's
message across

Storytelling is what distinguishes Disney,
and this key message had to be conveyed
throughout the two-hours-plus presentation,
with the help of our branding efforts and
visual assets.


Disney Evolution Image
Disney Evolution Image
Disney Evolution Image
Disney Evolution Image


Bringing creativity up,
front and center

The main piece of the project was the main stage, we had to do a variety of static and animated pieces to be utilized to make the center stage and all of its screens shine and command attention. The task also included banners, posters, invitations, animations to fit various screens and presentations and 3D logo work for all the brands associated with Disney.

We also wanted the pieces to be very cinematic, so we used interesting angles to keep them visually appealing. We made individual character posters for this project alongside our digital pieces, and we also designed assets set to be giant prints of around 390 inches. Every network had to elaborate its own presentation and for this, they utilized our work as the blueprint in order for all of them be aligned and cohesive.

Disney Evolution ImageDisney Evolution Image
Disney Evolution Image
Disney Evolution Image

A new

Overall, our team worked on this for a three-month period and as this was our second round working on deliverables for an Upfront event, we were more than prepared and up for the challenge. We can't thank Disney Advertising enough for trusting in our team once again, and we look forward to many more creative collaborations in the future.

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