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Styling the stylish

Synonymous with class and elegance since 1924.

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Introducing Separates

Separates was a new in-store tool introduced by the brand, allowing customers to digitally customize their BOSS look from head to toe.

About the project

Partnering with Coloredge, we provided a fully interactive touchscreen experience, featuring a responsive mannequin and social media/email integration.

This interactive experience let’s you customize your suit by combining different fits, sizes and colors of jackets and pants to best suit your body type.

Class & Elegance

Class & Elegance

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Step 1

Use the app to select the body type that best suits you.

Step 2

Explore the fit you want and start creating your one-of-a-kind look.

Step 3

Go through a variety of jackets, pants and color palettes until you find the one for you.

Creating the perfect fit

Select your size

Choose your fit

Create your look

Take it home

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