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Branding - Social Media

Make a real difference

Humanified is the Social Media
Impact Network

Humanified empowers the everyday individual to embrace digital activism and make tangible changes in their own communities, one tap at a time.

Humanified is
the Social Media
Impact Network


Creating a Humanifier

When synthesizing Humanified in an animated video, the first step was to design how our potential user would look like.

About The Project

Character one
Character two
Character three
Character four
Character five
Character six

Make a real difference

The goal of Humanified is to inspire users to take action and encourage others to do the same on a daily basis.


Breaking down the visuals

From storyboarding and conceptualizing to animation, our team brought this piece to life from scratch.

The first step was to envision the story we wanted to tell.

Embracing Humanified app
Leaving phone in table

Then, we started to create a draft of how it would look like visually.

Digital Activism

Key visual elements

Inspiring iconography

Branded color scheme

Humanified Flyers and Icons

About The Project

PeopleA Couple holding handsSilence = deathWomen protesting

Make a real difference

Humanified is a content-based social media network that allows users to amplify the causes they believe in and support their favorite non-profits through the app.

BuildingsCat in windowPerson cookingProject ImageProject Image
Watering plants
Social media post

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