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Design - Animation

The face of music

UltraMusic is a worldwide music entity
with a large scope of artists under its umbrella.

Our work

Marching to our own drum

Our task was to create animated music snippets, social media banners and Snapchat stickers for individual artists releasing new music.

Our process

Designing visual melodies

We developed personalized animations for the artists’ album covers, making each animation individually different, representing each performer in an unique way.


Ultra Lyric Videos

When creating lyric videos, our premise is always the same: making sure the visuals are synchronized with the lyrics and the spirit of the songs.

The perfect combination of visuals and sounds.

Amping up the power of music.

West CoastI'm Saying SlowAnd I'll Be ThereTrying to find somebody to loveCome visit me on the west coas

For creatives in the music industry, visuals are as important as the artistry and the music itself.

Impactful imagery is a must.

Looking in the mirrorBaby it's a curseDo I wanna stay here?Just take the reignsWe love running away from

Our approach

Composing a cover

Ultra Music’s portfolio gave us a wide range of artists to work with, allowing our design team to experiment with a mix of visual genres.

Our work

Upbeat design

Digital content for social media was the highlight of the project, which included special snippets, GIFs and one-of-a-kind Snapchat stickers to accompany music releases.


More than music

Branded merch is a great way to increase brand presence, offering fans a selected, carefully elaborated piece for them to take home. The full package.


No broken record

A revamped landing page and new brand guidelines were on the menu as well, and we went all in with cohesiveness in mind.

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