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Branding - Social Media


Getting in tune with Alexa

Social Media Content

Getting in Tune with Alexa

Copywriting + Design + Animation

For this project, our team had the opportunity of developing social media content for Alexa, Amazon's go-to AI. The mission? Make Alexa the most helpful, most loved and most trusted personal assistant online through engaging, relevant, inclusive, useful and fun content.

Alexa, let's go to the Moon

About the project

Visual Balance was key

About the project

Social Media

Playful & Clever

Celebrate the great outdoors!
Alexa, tell me about Japantown in San Francisco
The sunrise cool breeze. Is there anything better?

Instagram Grid

Alexa dictionary
Alexa, what should I eat?
Alexa icons
Countdown to great content!
Alexa, help me with my New Year's Resolution
Alexa, I want to spoil my cat
Celebrate the great outdoors
How do I look?
Comic mirror

About the project

Brand Identity

Alexa - Amazon

“I’m a people person ✨, {not} 🌚 a person person”

"Alexa, help me"

Alexa: Amazon's beloved personal assistant

About the project

Movement & Design

Playful & Clever

About the project

Social Media

Playful & Clever

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