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Animation - Graphic Design

About the project

Always moving. Always evolving. Always curious.

What started as a simple internal exploration exercise, ended up being a full-on design endeavor where our design team joined forces to create this dynamic animated video, just for us. Being curious is part of our nature and we wanted to convey that.

How curiosity ignites creativity

Our design team came together to create this visually exciting piece, showcasing two of our main strengths: our skills for design and our love for animation.

raxo players

An exciting ride

A glimpse at our process

Curiosity ignites creativity

The unique POV of each of our designers gets a chance to shine in this project

The final product combines many styles and design forms

Project Image

We keep moving forward

Join us on this exciting ride that combines
a variety of styles and techniques,
a reflection on the uniqueness of Raxo
as a studio.

This video speaks for us.
Project Image

Curiosity for newness

Project Image
Project Image
Project Image

Pushing for more

Our logo and the key symbols from our brand take center stage in this piece, taking many forms thanks to the combination of unique styles used by our design team.

An animated presentation card

raxo pizza

This video tells the story of Raxo and the key symbols of our brand and logo are the main connectors throughout this multiverse of styles our team created. Our symbology is what keeps the synergy of techniques together.

raxo voices

While designing, we try to find the perfect balance
between versatility and being true to our style,
keeping our work fresh yet on brand.

The song used for the project is an original song created by our team just for this, tailored to fit and enhance the video's flow and overall result.

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Yan Carlos Colón León, Maximilian Juliá
Daniel Ortiz - Sonido Sistema

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