Disney Advertising: Tech & Data Showcase

Disney Advertising: Tech &
Data Showcase




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Disney's tech-savviness

As Disney prepared to host the company's third annual Tech & Data Showcase, they approached us to help them build a proper branding for it alongside key visuals and video assets for the occasion. The event consisted of a multi-faceted production shot across key creative and studio locations, followed by a live Q&A.

The main challenge was developing a branding and look & feel that properly represents the theme of the event while showcasing the breadth and depth of Disney's technology and data innovation. The branding strategy for the project included logo, key visuals for various assets and presentations, and a main video that would serve as the opening of the event.

Tomorrow is today

The heart & soul of the event was the main stage, for which we developed a dynamic & inspiring video that would set the mood for the gala.


For You
Disney is Leading The Market
Tech data auto
Tech data auto
Our next chapter of storytelling is here.


Using branding
as a positioning tool

For us it was really important for the
branding to be cohesive across all
applications, which was achieved
through our visual language.

For the branding, we first had to choose a font and a color palette to match what we wanted to convey through our designs: loyalty, peacefulness, friendly, modern & inviting.

Project Image
Project Image

Through a mixture of golds, blues and earth tones - combined with dot-like symbols to represent the digital aspect - we wanted to connect Disney's heart with the tech side, using said color scheme and graphic elements as tools.

Data Imagae
Project ImageProject ImageProject ImageProject ImageProject Image

Project Overview

Pushing Forward Together

Disney’s tech & data positioning
is focused on presenting “solutions
that are driving real results
for brands today”.

Project Image
Project Image
Project Image
Project Image
Project Image
Project Image
Project Image

Key talking points

The Acceleration
Of Cross-Screen

Rapid Adoption Of
Disney’s Audience
Graph & Clean
Room Technology

Measurement Of
The Future

Access Through


Another Disney
x Raxo success

Overall, our work was responsible for kicking off the event the right way. The pieces had to be dynamic, bold, visually appealing but also heartfelt and inspiring, which was accomplished. Our research process was vital.

The fact that we weren't
afraid to dive right into
Disney's tech multiverse
and we connected with the
brand's message it's what
made our branding efforts
successful, bringing the event
to life through our designs.

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