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Simply magical

Disney, the place where dreams come true.

Our work

Selling magic

For decades, Disney has created unique stories and characters through a variety of formats and contents, and our job was to help their Ad Sales team lean into their changing brand through cutting edge design to attract new clients.

Though Disney’s initial focus was on creating wholesome content for a variety of audiences, they’ve branched out to entertainment, sports, news, streaming services and beyond.


Entering Disney’s multiverse

For this project, our team had to dive deep into the Disney realm including all the brands that live under the historic brand’s umbrella.


Where pop culture begins

Disney’s characters are some of its best assets, and we wanted to leverage some of the most iconic ones while designing these decks.

Rooted in legacyDisney logo upper sectionDisney logo mid sectionDisney abstractFocused on tomorrow

About The Project

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Coloured Disney logo collage

Our design and color scheme was key when it came to bringing together this vast range of networks and media outlets under the same roof, visually speaking.

About The Project

National Geographic


The future of storytelling

We pay homage to the past with a modern, futuristic design. Disney is big on honoring their roots but also is a constantly evolving brand and we wanted to convey just that.

About the project

For this project, it was a priority to showcase all the products offered by the company.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild. Rooted In Legacy, Focused On Tomorrow.
Straight Forward. Own Across All Platforms

About the project

Variety, diversity and versatility. Every piece of content shines through.

The movies, shows, and characters we all know and love take center stage.

Content is king

Simply magical

Disney is the place
where dreams come true

Our Approach

While designing, we kept in mind that user interfaces encompasses multiple devices. We went from phone to desktop and more.

Our Concept

The perfect mixture between tradition and modernity, honoring the past while showing a glimpse of what’s to come.

Our Goal

The intention is that any client that takes a look at our designs, knows exactly what Disney is all about and what it has to offer.

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