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Live once, rock forever

'Julie & The Phantoms',
an upbeat musical adventure.


“Step into your greatness”

For this project, we created four different lyric videos for the main songs of the show, in order to convey the spirit of the tracks (no pun intended) in a visual, innovating way.

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Our approach

Finding Julie’s voice

We took a deep dive into the universe of ‘Julie & The Phantoms’ in order to accurately portray the feeling of each song with its lyric video. While they all needed to co-exist in the same realm, each needed to have a unique identity.

Our process

Turning lyrics into visuals

Clear, compelling, bold typography takes center stage, matching the energy level of each song. Utilizing the sketched iconography, we added supporting elements which contribute to the fluidity of the piece, telling the story of the track through our imagery and graphic elements.

About the project

Music, comedy, drama and ghosts collide in a one-a-kind story.

Perfect harmony

About The Project

Julie And The Phantoms
Bittersweet Love Story About a Girl
Shining so much brighter than I have ever seen
Project Image
You're more to me


Good music
never dies

Thanks to Julie, a trio of ghostly, talented musicians become the band they were never able to be… while being alive, that is.

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Ain't gonna fight it 'cause it's uselessThat baseline crayRingsThan beforeBack inside of me


Rockin' The Neon

The beautiful duo used in the songs is highlighted in this treatment with a mix of what we call “the doodle aesthetic”, as well as the bright neon lights that tie together the Julie look. The words move together through each frame, creating a perfect harmony while emphasizing key words and the power of the each track.


Breaking down the songs

‘Wake Up’, ‘Perfect Harmony’, ‘Flying Solo’ & ‘I Got The Music’ are the songs that were used for this project, each with its own vibe and soul. ‘Wake Up’ is a heartfelt power ballad, ‘Perfect Harmony’ is a classic love song, ‘Flying Solo’ is an empowering break up anthem and ‘I Got The Music’ is a lively jam capturing the essence of the show.

About the project

The word ‘dynamic’ describes this project perfectly. It was spookily fun for our team.


About The Project

Leave you on a sad note
I know all your secrets, you know all my deep-dish
My life
Without you

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