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Layer N


Layer N


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Branding - Social-Media

The control is in your hands

The latest ecosystem of smart devices.

Layer N image
Layer N image
Layer N image

Our team was approached to help with the branding and the launch of their latest Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystem.

LayerN animation
Layer N animation

We went through a couple of design routes before hitting the right spot for Layer N and their dreamed logo.

Branding 101


Modernity to the infinity

With the correct font, mark, and color palette, we were able to bring Layer N to life.

About the project

Helvetica Neue Regular was the primary font used for this project.

Layer N Graphic

Our approach

For the “N” on the logo we played homage
to the IoT space with a link which links
different devices and ecosystems together.

LayerN module animation
Layern N

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