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Make a real difference

Humanified • is the Social
Media *Impact Network

Humanified empowers the everyday individual to embrace digital activism and make tangible changes in their own communities, one tap at a time.

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Impact Network


Is the Social Media *Impact Network

Humanified is a content-based social media network that allows users to amplify the causes they believe in and support their favorite non-profits through the app.

Humanified logo grid

Creating inspiring imagery

For this logo, our team played around with the letter ‘H’ as starting point and main symbol of Humanified; the circles symbolize “Humanifiers”, the users of the app, reaching out to help each other.

Our work

The intention of Humanified is to inspire users to take action and inspire others to do the same. We used dynamic graphic elements and the chosen color palette to achieve this message.

About the project

Since Humanfied is the way of the future, selecting typography that is modern, simple and aesthetically pleasing was a priority.

Humanified Typography

Humanified • is
the Social Media
*Impact Network

Humanified Color

About the project

We used a variety of dynamic, colorful symbols to build the visual identity of the app in a cohesive yet light way.

Humanified Flyers and Icons
Make change happen
Humanified sexuality poster

Our approach

While developing the app, we also focused on creating content for social media channels outside of Humanified, in order to build a digital community (and presence) before our launch, preparing the groundwork for our next big step.

Humanified social network app animation

the many features
of Humanified

The challenge: creating visually, engaging, accurate representations of what the Humanified app can do.

Taking action now

About The Project


Our process

Through the form of illustrations, we created visuals and animations that showcased what Humanified is, its mission, features and overall concept, inspiring potential new users to join its community.

Once they join Humanified, users will be able to support existing causes or create new ones, building momentum and actioning change in the real world.

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Scrolling through app

In order to facilitate digital activism, users will also be able to make donations through the app and contact non-profits nearby.



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