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A story of excellence and lasting commitment

Coloredge provides visual
marketing solutions for premier brands.

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New brand, who’s this?

We gave a refresh to the brand, allowing Coloredge to further connect with the leading brands they work with on a daily basis.

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Alongside the content for social, we developed newsletters and blog articles, making sure they stayed at the top of their game in all facets of digital marketing.

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Coloredge Design

Visual Marketing Solutions

Our Process

Website revamp.

Web presence is everything. By reinventing the virtual look and layout of their website, as well was their UX/UI experience, we created a balance between ease of use and dynamic imagery.

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Our work

Guiding the brand through a pandemic was also a challenge, but we made sure they stayed leading the pack with our digital efforts.

Coloredge works with some of the best brands in the world. By showcasing them in a dynamic way, everyone gets their moment under the spotlight.

About The Project

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Air to move you forward
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The perfect mix between captivating copy and exciting imagery is key for digital success.

Our Creations
We make your brand the destination

Showcasing the full list of services and capabilities of the company is a must for attracting new clients.

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