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The table is served

Over 125 years of culinary tradition.

Our Work

Le Cordon Bleu is an ideal mixture of classic French cuisine and modern cooking techniques, and our team wanted to reflect that dichotomy while working on the rebrand for the school.

Le Cordon Bleu is the place where chefs from all around world go to learn and feel inspired by food and that’s the story we wanted to tell visually.

Asparagus trio
Mulled wine jelly

About the project

Our collaboration with Le Cordon Bleu covers a variety of aspects from their digital presence through their social media feeds.

LCB instagram posts


Content as tasty as a dish from Le Cordon Bleu

A balance between delicious food imagery and inspiring assets that truly represent the experience of studying at a Le Cordon Bleu campus is the key to capturing the essence of the brand.

Le Cordon Bleu magazine

Our approach

We are constantly trying new formats
in order to experiment with the pieces we create,
keeping the content fresh, relevant and flavorful.

LCB Preparation
LCB Cookies
LCB Bread


Bringing a piece of Le Cordon Bleu to your home

From magazine ads to newsletters to online banners to a full social media overhaul (that included strategy, copywriting, design & paid media), we cooked all the ingredients needed for a delicious digital masterpiece. Bon Appetit!


Combining the flavors of LCB with the Raxo spice

Le Cordon Bleu is synonymous with culinary excellence worldwide, so it’s no surprise that we were excited (and a bit hungry afterwards) to work with them and give the brand a new look & feel online.

Our Process

Highlighting the
right elements

When it comes to creating the newsletters (and the overall content) for the brand, it’s important to select the most relevant items for our audience each month - whether we’re talking about their news site or their online shop.

LCB newsletter template

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