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From the pages to the screen

‘A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting’ is Netflix’s 2020 film adaptation of the 2019 book. Recruited by a secret society, a high schooler battles the Boogeyman while babysitting on Halloween.


Our work

Spooky family fun

For this scary teenage adventure filled with screams and good music, our team created two lyric videos, one for "Me & Me" (a fun, upbeat track) and one for "Do As You're Told" (a spooky lullaby).

According to critics, the film has “gorgeously imagined settings, a great cast, and an exciting story that hits the exact sweet spot between funny-scary and scary-funny”.

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Do as you're told
Oh my dear, let the monster inside
Take control, it's alright
Absence of Light
Surrender to me

Our process

Going monster hunting

For this project, our team aimed to portray the film’s scary yet fun vibe and aesthetic through graphic elements, such as: typography, animations, effects and color palette.

This monstrous family adventure allowed us to flex our design muscles and shine where we excel at, design-wise.

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Turning off the red lights
White figure
Like a rolling stone
'Cuz now I see

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