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Disney Upfront 2022




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To infinity and beyond

A design fit to match
Disney's unrivaled magic


A Magical Branding

We worked on the Key Art Direction for Disney's Upfront 22, including branding (logo + color palette), animated assets, prints and key visuals.

Making magic
with Disney's
Advertising Team

Color Palette

Blues and grays took the lead.

Blues are the
warmest colors

The psychology of
the color blue.
Calmness, serenity,
peacefulness, reliability.

Calmness, serenity,
peacefulness, reliability.

The visuals

These silver, watery animations
were the main event of the project

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About the project

Project Image
Project Image
Project Image

Every piece of media shined.

Project Image
Project Image

All the components from the vast Disney universe had to coexist visually.

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Beyond digital

Taking over the streets and more

The production lasted less than two months and we generated more than 150 videos in total.

Project Image

360 Branding

Our work had to be translated into
physical assets and merchandise as well.

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Project Image
Project Image
Project Image
Project Image
Project Image

The challenge: going from 2D to 3D simulations

Our approach

Keep 'em coming, Mickey!

This project was exhaustive but it truly paid off: we did animations of the main stage (13 screens in total), hero shots, lower thirds, transitions, backgrounds, title cards, loops and a lot of 3D particles’ miscellaneous.

We had to push ourselves to outdo ourselves and our own skill-set and keep delivering Disney-worthy assets for this one.

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