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Project Info

Humanified is an app targeted as a ‘Tinder for Goodness’, presenting challenges to the user and the ability for the user to share the good that they have done in our society. Humanified came to RAXO with the challenge of creating an identity for the brand that persuades the user to be about completing good deeds. RAXO created a seamless brand, app, and website for Humanified that will hopefully one day save the world.

Project Focus

UX/UI Design, Web Development, Strategy.


Grid Structure



Humanified is the love we have to give. It’s the potential for kindness in every one of us.

Exploring Change

Finding ways to help out in your community used to be a tricky task. With Humanified, you can explore volunteer and goodwill opportunities both near and far!

Display Your True Colors

In today’s world, how people perceive you is important, and when you can spend your time helping others and connecting with like minded “change makers”, it is a two-for-one!

Challenging for Change

Sometime the biggest chance begin with a small step. By discovering new ways to help in your community or creating a “challenge” of your own to share with the world is just one great feature of this App.